Welding Camion


A deal between the Hungarian State Railway (MAV), the Czech SAZ and Holland LP located in the USA organised by Conwest Co. Ltd. the XF 95 Mobile Welder is a work of beauty. Welding rails with precision in the region on a daily basis for over a decade.

The FMK-007 measuring car equipped with laser track geometry system is capable of accurate measurements and online data analysis at the speed of 200km/h.


Tram and Metro measuring units for Wiener Linien, the Austrian Public Transport in Vienna. Equipped with Imagemap’s profile and geometry measuring systems ensuring the safety of the track under heavy use.

Swietelsky Wienna and Budapest 

We are a proud partner of Swietelsky both in Hungary and in Austria, where we have had great projects and partnerships between our companies in the past years.


In 2017 V-hid proudly purchased teh H-1000 Flash-Butt Welder Container from Holland LP in Chicago.


BKV BUDAPEST TRAMLINE-Composite sleeper project

In 2018 BKV installed under several tramlines and switches the Sicut Composite sleepers.


The long and flourishing relationship with MÁV’s FKG department has been one of our greatest achievements in the replica Patek Philippe replica Breitling pst 20 years, including projects for the Vienna Public transport and also numerous joint ventures from rail welding to tampering, etc.

Harsco’s GO4S Digging Wheel and the MARK VI Tamper were a manufacturing cooperation between Harsco and MAV brokered by Conwest.